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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Pampers Teams Up With Cynthia Rowley To Offer 'Designer Diapers'

In an attempt to make their disposable diapers fashionable, Pampers has teamed up with designer Cynthia Rowley to offer 11 new styles of Pampers, including pastels, stripes, madras and ruffles.

Just in time diaper-only weather, Procter & Gamble says these fashionable diapers will be offered in Target stores beginning in mid-July.

Jodi Allen, a P&G baby care vice president, says in a statement today that diaper performance comes first, but parents consider the look important, too.

This is Pamper's second collaboration with Cynthia Rowley. Last year the designer created a limited edition clutch to accompany their Dry Max launch.

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Featured Review: 2010 Bugaboo Bee

The first stroller I ever bought was a Bugaboo Frog and I still use it pretty much every day. The Bugaboo Bee is what I wished I had at the time to go with it, a smaller, more portable reversible seat stroller that folds in one piece. With the introduction of the 2010 Bugaboo Bee, I finally have the opportunity to see if it’s everything I hoped it would be. The new Bee offers several improvements and adjustments to the original Bee that Bee lovers will appreciate.

Set up

I received a press sample, so I did not have the same out of box set up experience that would normally accompany a brand new Bee. The procedure, however, is fairly simple- attach the back wheels and whichever canopy you’ve chosen and you’re good to go. I imagine it would be a few minutes from box to door.


The 2010 Bee does not include a canopy with the standard black seated stroller. Instead you purchase it separately in the color of your choice. I received a very cute black and yellow Bee to test, but there are several other options possible, as well as your choice of optional colored seat liners. It also allows you to easily change the look of your stroller just by buying a new canopy or seat liner and you can mix and match as desired. The Bee of course offers a reversible seat and one of the improvements to the new model is that the seat is easier to reverse than the original Bee. The seat also pulls out in both directions so that the height of the backrest and the length of the seat can be adjusted for different sized passengers. This model offers a 3 position recline, one less than the previous model, but sits more upright and has smaller side wings to offer more visibility for the rider. The handlebar is adjustable and the brake is an easy to operate rocker foot brake. The fold is not one handed, but it does fold with the seat on in either direction. A big plus compared to many reversible seat strollers. It’s fairly compact when folded and automatically locks closed. The handlebar can be used to hang the stroller from your shoulder for transport, as the side handle found on the original is now gone. The Bee is suitable for newborns and can use the optional baby cocoon for a more secure bassinet like ride. It is also possible to use a car seat adapter with both the seat on or off.

In Use

I have to admit that I had extremely high expectations for the Bee because of my experience with my Frog. I expected it to be the same, but smaller and easier to fold. It is however quite different. It’s not as rugged or robust a ride, more like you would expect from an umbrella stroller, but with suspension. It rolls quite freely and smoothly over a floor or a sidewalk, but it does get a bit sluggish with the smaller wheels over grass. But that’s basically what it is- a lightweight, small stroller for strolling around town or for shopping. It would be great for travel, in and out of the car or even for a busy city stroller since it’s pretty easy to pop it down to carry on the bus or the subway. It’s a really great little everyday stroller and makes strolling around, in and out of the car and shops a breeze. The more I used it, the more I liked it and looked for excuses to bring it along.

This is one Bugaboo that can fit through the turnstile without needing at least one helper to get you, the stroller and the baby to the other side. If the handlebar is extended a bit you can hang it over your shoulder, but there are occasions where a small side handle would make it easier to just pick up from the side and move around or, say pop over that turnstile or into the trunk. However, because it does not have a one handed fold, you’re not going to be able to fold it up quickly while holding your baby. At the very least the baby would have to be in a carrier or old enough to stand next to you and not take off. I found the fold a bit tricky at first, especially with the seat reversed, but it did get easier the more I did it. I imagine that’s a function of me getting used to the process and the frame loosening up a bit. Unfolding is quite simple and can be done one handed. It would be nice if there were a way to fold it one handed as well, but you can’t ask for everything.

The seat itself is what makes the Bee special. The new seat is more ergonomically shaped to offer a more comfortable ride, but the best features of the seat are the reversibility and adjustability. First of all, the harness is very secure and easily adjustable, so much better than the Frog harness I’m used to. You will not have to worry about the security of your baby in this seat. Once you add in the adjustability of the seat itself, you can get a really great fit for any of your stroller riders, big and small. All the way down, my six month old daughter has a great, secure seat with the canopy at just the right height to shade her well. Just a few adjustments and it all pulls up and out to a seat that comfortably holds my very large three year old with plenty of headroom under that same canopy. Unique to the Bee, the canopy raises and lowers with the seat as it is adjusted up and down. Add to that an easily reversible seat so that you have the option to watch your baby or let your older child face the world and you have something very special. This is really what you are buying when you buy a Bee. It does look cool, but the seat is really by far the coolest part.

You don’t buy a Bee to roll over muddy countryside, you buy it for the seat, then the size and then, because it is a Bee. It is, of course, a very expensive stroller. Add the optional accessories and you are choosing a very, very expensive stroller. Included in the purchase price of $600 are the chassis with wheels and seat, basket, rain cover, demo video and a two year warranty, with the canopy it’s $649 and then you can keep going for the cocoon, seat liner, Breezy sun canopy, footmuff or car seat adapter (available for Graco or Maxi Cosi). Other accessories are the parasol, cupholder, wheeled board, travel bag, the Bugaboo bag and the (BUGABOO)RED iPhone holder. It is quite a bit of money to spend on a stroller, even without the accessories, so it’s not for everyone.

Having spent quite a bit on a previous Bugaboo model, I can say that I do feel I got quite a bit of value for what I paid, especially because at the time there just wasn’t another stroller available that did the same thing, which is the case as well for the Bee. Just as the ride is not as robust as the larger Bugaboo models, the stroller itself does not feel quite as durable, but that is a function of the size as well, which in turn gives you the portability and the seat-in-place fold. It is absolutely an urban stroller with an image. But with that image you do get a reversible seat that adapts itself easily to such a wide variety of situations and riders in such a small package, that you do get a unique function with all of that form.


  • reversible seat
  • one piece fold
  • easily adjustable seat depth and height


  • lack of one step fold
  • Smaller wings now make the seat feel just a bit too open when fully upright for smaller children

Specs: maximum weight capacity

  • 17 kg/37.5 lbs

wheels and suspension

  • two 6-inch swivel wheels with foam filled rubber tires
  • two 6-inch rear wheels with foam-filled rubber tires
  • 4-wheel independent suspension

size folded l x w x h (wheels attached)

  • 85 cm x 45 cm x 32 cm
  • 35 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches

maximum unfolded width

  • 53 cm, 21 inches

weight (chassis, wheels, seat)

  • 8,5 kg (18.5 lbs)

underseat basket

  • 16 liters (4.2 gallons)


  • 600-denier fabric

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Honor Warren is Pretty in Paris!

Honor Warren was photographed looking as cute as ever while waiting with her mom to catch a taxi.

The personable tot was all smiles in an apple sundress and matching red sandals after a shopping trip to French boutique Bonpoint.

After spending a few minutes trying to get a ride, the actress finally had some success, much to the happiness of the assistant who was carrying Honor's Car seat down the street.

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Max and Emme Shop with Mommy in Miami!

Actress Jennifer Lopez was spotted out shopping in Miami with twins Max and Emme this afternoon. The smart mom brought a bodyguard and a nanny for backup, which proved to be a great idea.

The burly minder stepped in and carried Max on his shoulder when the tot got impatient while being carried by his mom. He later repeated the same game with Emme!

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Monday, June 28, 2010
jacob & bonomi ~ Fabulous bedding for tiny tots

Finding the perfect bed linens for little people can often be quite a task. Parents looking for simple classic designs for toddlers’ bedding have found the answer in jacob & bonomi!

Bed linens by jacob & bonomi provide the perfect pairing of clean & simple, yet fun & fabulous. The Australian line was started in 2006 by a mom frustrated by the lack of selection in toddlers’ bedding. With a background in photography and a strong sense of design, she set about creating the perfect set of bed linens.

With just a few colors and simple designs, jacob & bonomi bed linens compliment any tot’s room. In addition to sheet sets and duvet covers, all made of 100% percale cotton, the jacob & bonomi line also has 100% brushed cotton bed blankets, providing extra snuggly warmth during colder months. My personal favorite would have to be the Lil’ Apple sheet set and the red Birdie bassinet blanket but I also think that the Tree of Life set would be darling in a little girl’s room.

Simple, clean, crisp and fabulous ~ jacob & bonomi has a great line of bedding for tiny tots! - Belinda, Staff Writer

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Britax Revamps Car Seat Line Up To Include 360 Degree Protection and Head Safety Technology

BIG news in car seat safety today!

Britax today announced a full redesign and relaunch of its line of best-selling convertible car seats. The new line offers Superior 360 Degree Protection with Revolutionary Head Safety Technology that dramatically reduces the risk of head injury and provides complete protection from all sides in the event of a vehicle crash.

Head safety is critical because even tiny increases in head excursion — the distance the head travels forward during the crash — can exponentially increase the risk of head injury. Head injury is the leading cause of death for children up to 12 years old involved in vehicle crashes and comprises 65 percent of injuries in both frontal and side impact crashes, according to Child Injury Led Design and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. With this in mind, Britax designed its new line to help prevent real world injury for children and make it that much easier for parents and caregivers to use their children’s car seats correctly each and every time.

“Many parents don’t realize the violence of a crash. Even if a child is restrained in a car seat, his head can be thrown violently forward in a collision. Should his head make contact with the back of the front seat he can be seriously injured,” said Ron Marsilio, vice president of engineering and new product development for Britax. “We are on a never-ending mission to engineer car seats to be as safe as they can possibly be, especially when it comes to protecting the head. That’s why we designed Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology to minimize head excursion and help protect the child from injury.”
Britax Revolutionary Head Safety Technology incorporates features that lower the child’s center of gravity, strengthen the child seat and manage crash energy. Together, they reduce head excursion and offer the most advanced protection to children. These include:

A re-engineered lower center of gravity that allows the child to sit lower and creates stability in the event of a crash. Integrated steel bars that strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Patent-pending Britax SafeCell™ Technology with SafeCells that are designed to compress in a crash. This significantly lowers the center of gravity and counteracts the forward rotation of the child seat, which normally propels the child toward the front seat. Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether® with a two-point attachment and staged-release tether webbing to anchor the top of the car seat. This minimizes forward-rotation and reduces crash forces reaching the child.

As the leader in pioneering side impact technologies, Britax designed its new line to improve upon its Side Impact Protection (SIP) and True Side Impact Protection® (TSIP). The car seats feature deeper side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam that distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body. Britax TSIP car seats also offer a head restraint that creates an extra layer of energy-absorbing EPP foam, keeping the head, neck and spine “in true” or aligned. This protection is imperative, as approximately one in four of all motor vehicle crashes that involve children occur from the side, and these result in a significantly higher injury rate than frontal or rear impacts, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

In addition to enhanced side impact protection, the new line offers higher weight capacities to keep children rear facing longer and to allow for extended use of a five-point harness. The convertible car seats can accommodate children from between 5 and 40 pounds rear facing and up to 70 pounds forward facing, and the mid-capacity convertible allows children to sit forward facing up to 55 pounds. The new seats offer a harness position that helps position the harness at or below baby’s shoulder, and an infant insert is available separately to properly position the infant and protect the airway.

The revamped line includes the

  • Roundabout 55 (SRP: $199.99)
  • Marathon 70 (SRP: $279.99)
  • Boulevard 70 (SRP: $309.99)
  • Boulevard 70 CS (SRP: $329.99)
  • Advocate 70 CS (SRP: $369.99)

They will be available in a variety of fashions at independent and mass retailers in August 2010.

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Alessandra and Her Family Enjoy The Day Out In Malibu

Victoria's Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted enjoying a beautiful day in Malibu yesterday with her boyfriend Jamie Mazur(not pictured) and their adorable daughter, Anja Louise.

Alessandra looked casual but chic in a pink maxi dress with sandals, while Anja kept cool in a little white dress with pink flowers and Me In Mind Skull Slip-ons.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010
8 Reasons Why The iPad Is Perfect For My 4-Year-Old

When Apple revealed their plans to introduce the iPad I was thrilled. Apple products have been a staple in our house for years and the thought of having a device that would be able to travel with us was exciting!
Ipad 32 g

Unlike other kids his age, my four-year-old son is obsessed with multimedia. He loves movies, music and seeing how everything works. This makes keeping tech toys safe in our house a bit of a challenge. In fact the only toy that has come out unscathed is our iPod Touch. Because the iPad is really just a bigger version of the touch, I thought it would be perfect for us and it IS.
Here are the reasons why:
    Ipad 32 g
  1. Easy To Use – Everything about the iPad is easy. All of the applications are easy to operate, the screen is set up beautifully and it took less than 10 minutes to load all of our content(12G) from our computer, which was a bonus as my son was sitting on my lap micro-managing the project.
  2. No moving parts – Aside from the volume button and the screen lock switch, there really aren’t any buttons or movable parts on the iPad. Our portable DVD player has a million moving parts. The DVD door opens, which allows my son to touch all of the parts that are not meant to be touched causing it to skip and not play our movies properly.
  3. BIG, Clear Screen – The 9.7″ screen on the iPad is unbelievably clear. With a resolution of 1024×768, all of the apps and videos are sharp, bright and surprisingly good in direct sunlight. While using for the Internet or reading, I haven’t experienced any eyestrain and both of boys love looking at pictures, watching movies and reading books.
  4. Quick – Because there aren’t any applications running in the background the iPad plays videos and movies right away without stalling. I was also surprised at how well youtube played on it considering it stalls constantly on my Macbook. This is great for my son who wants everything to happen immediately. No waiting.
  5. Light – I know that many have criticized the iPad for being heavy(1.5lbs), but for us it weighs a fraction of the DVD player it replaced. It is also a quarter of the width with 4 inches more screen. We put ours in a protective case that has a stand so that it can sit upright like a TV.
  6. Convenient for Travel – Having all of my son’s favourite things loaded on one device makes it easy for us to when going on vacation. We don’t have to remember to pack DVD’s, music, games, books. Plus not all airplanes offer inflight entertainment, something we learned during a LONG flight to Puerto Rico in February. It also has a battery of 8 hours, which is more than enough for us if traveling for the day.
  7. ECO-Friendly – Downloading everything we need right to iTunes reduces the amount of physical CD’s we actually purchase. In fact, I think that we have downloaded the equivalent of 100 cd’s, which is a significant savings in packaging, hardware and shipping. Additionally Apple’s huge database of Applications will no doubt reduce the other toys we need to buy in the future. The interactive books, puzzles and memory games have been huge hit for us.
  8. Versatile – Unlike a toy computer, MP3 or DVD player, the iPad offers more than one application. Because new shows, songs and apps are constantly being released, we are always updating it with new stuff making it a new toy every few days.
We originally purchased the iPad as a device for our son, but it has become a hot item in our house for everyone. It’s ability to accommodate every member of our family actually makes it an invaluable piece of electronics that will be treasured for years to come.
SPECS: 32G Wi-Fi iPad
  • 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
  • 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
  • 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
  • Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously
  • Built-in 25-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music
  • Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using 3G data network
  • Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system
  • Dock connector port
  • 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
  • Built-in speaker
  • Microphone
  • Micro SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model only)


Heidi Klum and Her Crew Enjoy A Park Playdate!

Heidi Klum packed up her crew this morning and headed to the park.

With the help of 2 nannies and a bodyguard, the laid back mama took the day in stride and strolled casually with her 3 oldest children.

While at the park, the kids played in the water and then sat with their mom and enjoyed popsicles!

Heidi was later spotted taking them to see Toy Story 3.

Lou rides in a Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller in Coffee Powder Pink with a RayShade UV Protective Stroller Shade, while Leni and Johan ride in a Navy Maclaren Twin Triumph

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Saturday, June 26, 2010
Circa Toys: Handmade Blocks With Endless Building Possibilities!

CircaToys is a family business that designs and manufactures heirloom quality wooden toys that are handmade in Franklin North Carolina.

The company was founded in 2009 by Gary Murphy whose inspiration for the first toy "Wagon of Blocks" came from the original toy itself which he received on his birthday in 1942.

This simple toy is made from basic wood shapes and threaded nuts and pegs that can be taken apart easily. It is a great mechanical learning toy that opens the door for imagination building, hand eye coordination and is the perfect set of blocks. Safety tested and approved for children 6 months and up, it is ageless and timeless.

Each set comes with 40 pieces that can be assembled a million different ways. Your child can make a boat, car, truck or train to push around the house.

All that is needed for a great play date is a bit of imagination!

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Friday, June 25, 2010
Alicia Keys Is Starting To Show!

A glowing Alicia Keys took to the stage yesterday morning and proudly flaunted her baby bump as she performed in Central Park for ABC's Good Morning America's summer concert series.

The mom-to-be looked fabulous in a beige jumper while dancing around on stage and performing her hits Empire State of Mind and Trying to Sing With a Broken Heart.

The singer recently had her unborn baby blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony during the star's recent trip to South Africa with fiance Swizz Beatz.

Tribesmen gave the mom-to-be and her baby traditional African names as she joined hands with her future husband underneath a fig tree, dubbed the 'healing tree' by locals.

The tribal leaders agreed to bless mother and child as a thank you for the charity work Keys has done in the area - her 'Keep A Child Alive' charity helps fund local organization 'Bobbi Bear,' which aims to save youngsters whose parents have died of AIDS.

The new baby is due to arrive at the end of this year (Nov).

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Baby Bean Vintage Daywear ~ Unique girl’s clothing made with vintage fabrics

Completely unique and one-of-a-kind girlie dresses, playsuits and rompers made from 100% vintage fabrics are the order of the day at Baby Bean Vintage Daywear.

The children's boutique was started in 2004 by Christine Visneau. With two daughters of her own, Visneau is never out of inspiration and she handcrafts each piece from vintage fabrics by herself and a few other stay-at-home moms. The dresses and rompers made of 100% vintage cotton fabrics are available in sizes from 6 months to 6 years.

The Spring/Summer 2010 line has a lovely selection of dresses with bows, gathers and delicate flower prints. Each piece is a perfect blend of vintage and modern. The collection also includes the ‘Garden Romper’ and ‘Janet Playsuit’. Both sweet one piece outfits offered in differing size ranges. The collection is designed in such a way that each piece is easy enough for everyday wear, but for a special summer occasion nothing would be sweeter than your little one dressed in the ‘Farrah Bow Dress’ complete with flutter sleeves and a big floppy bow.

For pure sweetness and a fabulous blend of vintage and modern, check out the Spring/Summer 2010 line at Baby Bean Vintage Daywear! - Belinda, Staff Writer

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Thursday, June 24, 2010
Marcia Cross and Her Girls Hit The Beach!

A relaxed Marcia Cross enjoyed a gorgeous day at the beach in Santa Monica with her daughters Eden and Savannah yesterday.

The trio had a blast walking along the beach, building sandcastles and splashing in the ocean.

To keep the girls safe from the sun, the actress dressed them in long sleeve tops and shorts.

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Seven Manufacturers Announce Recalls to Repair Cribs to Address Entrapment, Suffocation and Fall Hazards

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), with the cooperation of seven firms, is announcing voluntary recalls of more than two million cribs to address drop-side hazards and other hazards that affect the safety of young children. The recalling firms are providing consumers with free repair kits to immobilize the drop sides or other remedies and are asking that parents not attempt to fix these cribs with homemade remedies.

The concern is that cribs’ drop sides can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position, creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and with age-related wear and tear.

The drop-side and fixed-side crib recalls announced today are of units manufactured between 2000 and 2009 by the companies listed below. Consumers should contact these firms directly for the appropriate remedy:

156,000 Million Dollar Baby Cribs - The CPSC and Million Dollar Baby have received 43 reports of drop side failures. There were eight reports of children being entrapped between the mattress and drop side resulting in three reports of bruises to the head or upper body. Additionally, three children fell out of the crib when the drop side failed but they were not injured.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact Million Dollar Baby toll-free at (888) 673-6488 anytime, or visit the firm's website at www.themdbfamily.com/safety for a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleeping environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on the child's age. Repair kits will be available to consumers within a few weeks.

50,000 Simmons Drop Side Cribs - CPSC has received 30 reports of drop sides that have malfunctioned or detached. Two children became entrapped between the drop side and the crib mattress but were freed without injury. Two other children fell out of their cribs when the drop side malfunctioned and one child sustained scratches due to the fall.

This recall includes Simmons Easy Side Drop-side cribs. Specific model and style numbers included in the recall are listed on the firm’s website at www.cribrecallcenter.com. Style numbers are printed on a permanent label on the headboard.

Model numbers: 011641; 011671; 011941; 015341; 016061; 016771; 016821; 016831; 017201 ; 017211; 017351; 018500; 018501; 018502; 018510 ; 018511; 018512; 026261; 028061; 028081; 028180; 029061; 29062; 029071; 029180; 029561; 029562; 029571; 034060; 034560; 039180; 044091; 053091; 065071; 068261; 068271; 068561; 201060; 202060; 202080; 202180; 202181; 203060; 204060; 204180; 205060; 206060; 207060; 209560; 211060; 211080; 212060; 214060; 214080; 215060; 216060; 216070; 216080; 216180; 216180; 216570; 218060; 219560; 220180; 220181; 221060; 221070; 221070; 221077; 222060; 222070; 224060; 225060; 225070; 225080; 227560; 228060; 229060; 230060; 231070; 236180; 236187; 236188; 236189; 238060; 238069; 239180; 239187; 239189; 240060; 248069; 251060; 251069; 257060; 261060; 053091A; 251060M.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact Simmons at (877) 342-3439 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (M-F) to request a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. Repair kits will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on the child’s age.

306,000 LaJobi Bonavita, Babi Italia and ISSI Drop-Side Cribs - CPSC and LaJobi have received 40 reports of drop sides that detached or malfunctioned. In one incident, a child fell out of the crib when the drop side detached and sustained a bruise.

This recall involves all models of Bonavita, Babi Italia and ISSI drop-side cribs manufactured by LaJobi. The cribs have drop-side hardware that contains metal or plastic pegs that are recessed into either the drop side or the headboard and footboard of the crib. A label on the headboard of the crib identifies the manufacturer as LaJobi.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact LaJobi at (888) 738-5676 anytime or visit the firm's website at www.lajobi.com for a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on the child's age.

130,000 Jardine Drop-side Cribs - CPSC and Jardine have received 47 reports of drop sides that detached or malfunctioned. In one of these incidents, a child was found unconscious after becoming entrapped and was hospitalized. Nine other reports involving entrapments or fallouts resulted in scratches and bruises, including one child who sustained a broken collarbone.

All Jardine drop-side cribs have been recalled. The model number and date code can be found on the labels attached to one of the end panels.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact Jardine at (800) 295-1980 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday or visit the firm's website at www.jdservice.biz to receive a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on your child's age.

750,000 Jenny Lind Drop-Side cribs manufactured by Evenflo - CPSC and Evenflo have received 31 reports of drop sides that malfunctioned or detached. One involved the entrapment of a seven month old boy between the drop side and the crib mattress. He sustained bumps and bruises to his head. Nine children fell out of the crib when the drop side detached, unlocked or fell off. Seven of those children sustained minor injuries, including bumps, bruises and cuts. Fourteen other incidents involved no injuries. In addition, CPSC has received two reports of children who became entrapped when the mattress support detached in one corner of cribs manufactured between 2000 and 2004.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled drop-side cribs and contact Evenflo at (800) 356-2229 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s web site at http://safety.evenflo.com to receive a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. A repair kit for the mattress support system is also available for cribs with model numbers starting with 012 and 014 that were manufactured between 2000 and 2004. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on the child’s age. The repair kits will be provided to consumers within the next several weeks.

747,000 Delta drop-side cribs; and all fixed and drop-side cribs using wooden stabilizer bars - The wooden stabilizer bars on some Delta drop-side and fixed-side cribs can be installed upside down, which puts extra stress on the crib and can cause the mattress platform to collapse, creating a gap in which an infant or toddler can become entrapped and posing a risk of strangulation or suffocation.

CPSC and Delta have received 57 reports involving drop sides that have malfunctioned or detached, resulting in three entrapments, including two reports of bruises and one child who fell out of the crib. Additionally, CPSC is aware of 19 reports in which stabilizer bars were installed upside-down, resulting in 10 mattress platform collapses. Two children were entrapped but freed without injury and one child sustained scratches.

This recall involves Delta drop-side cribs with three different types of drop-side hardware and Delta cribs with wooden stabilizer bars that support the mattress platform. Consumers should visit www.cribrecallcenter.com for photographs and models of the affected hardware types and instructions on correct assembly of the stabilizer bars.

Mattress Support Remedy: Consumers who have cribs with wooden stabilizer bars supporting the mattress should inspect the stabilizer bars to ensure they are correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and inspect the joints of their crib for any damage. If the stabilizer bars are installed upside down, stop using the crib immediately and contact Delta toll-free at (877) 342-3418 between 9 a.m. and 5p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled drop-side cribs and contact Delta to receive a free repair kit that will immobilize the drop side. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed depending on the child’s age.

An unknown number of Child Craft brand drop-side cribs - CPSC has received seven reports of the drop side failing. In one of those reports, the child became entrapped in the gap created by the drop-side failure. In another incident, a child fell out of the crib and suffered bruises to his head when the drop side disengaged.

This recall involves drop-side Child Craft brand cribs using the style of drop-side hardware shown below. “Child Craft” appears on a label on the crib’s frame and identifies the place of manufacture as Salem, Indiana or New Salisbury, Indiana.

Child Craft ceased operations in July of 2009 and sold the “Child Craft” name to Foundations Worldwide Inc., of Medina, Ohio) Although Foundations Worldwide did not manufacture or sell any of the recalled cribs, it has agreed to provide Child Craft owners with a rebate towards the purchase of a new, fixed-side Child Craft brand crib manufactured by Foundations Worldwide Inc.

For additional information, contact Foundations Worldwide toll-free at (866) 614-0557 anytime or visit the firm’s website at www.cribsafetyinfo.com

Between 40,000 and 50,000 Child Craft brand "Crib ‘N' Double Bed" full size stationary-side cribs with dowel - The cribs' stationary side can be assembled upside-down but still appear to be assembled correctly. If assembled upside-down, the crib side contains a hazardous five-inch gap at the top of the crib. Infants or toddlers can become entrapped in this gap (as depicted in the photo below), which can lead to entrapment, strangulation or other injuries.

CPSC has received four reports of children becoming entrapped between the dowel and the crib's stationary front side. In two of those reports, the child was trapped by his/her head and was in danger of being strangled. In the other two reports, the child was trapped by his/her arm. This hazard can occur on both the front and back sides of the crib.

The name "Child Craft" appears on a label on the crib's frame and identifies the place of manufacture as Salem, Indiana or New Salisbury, Indiana. These cribs were manufactured by Child Craft Industries, Inc., which is no longer in business.

The CPSC staff urges parents and caregivers to examine these cribs immediately and determine whether they have been assembled properly. The best way to do this is to measure the gap between the front and back sides of the crib and the dowel that runs parallel to the sides. The gap should be no more than two and three eighths inches (2 3/8"), as shown in the images below. If the gap is greater than 2 3/8", the side has been installed upside-down and needs to be re-assembled. Another indicator that the side has been installed improperly is the appearance of the barrel nut, as is visible in the image above showing an incorrect assembly. The barrel nut should be at the bottom of the side, not the top. If either of these conditions are present, the side of the crib has been installed upside-down and needs to be re-assembled so that the barrel nut is not visible from the top and the gap between the dowel and the side is no greater than two and three eighths inches (2 3/8"). Consumers with these cribs should contact Foundations Worldwide, Inc., at (866) 614-0557 anytime, or visit the firm's website at www.cribsafetyinfo.com to obtain instructions and decals to affix to the stationary sides of the crib to ensure proper assembly in the future.

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Featured Review: Valco QUAD Stroller

If you are looking for a compact, full-featured stroller then this might just be the stroller for you. The Quad is a brand new addition to the Valco line up. Unlike the other Valco singles it offers a four wheeled configuration along with all of those wonderful Valco features, including the option of a toddler seat. Four-wheeled stability for urban and rural terrain plus an optional second seat in a very portable size, what more could you want? As a long time Valco fan, I was very excited to see it in person and test it out first hand.

Set up

The Quad comes in a very small box and surprisingly still has minimal assembly required. All you need to do is pop on the wheels and the canopy. It could not be simpler and is done in a few minutes. Valco wheels are very easy to take on and off, so breaking down this stroller and putting it back together is effortless. I was really surprised at how compact and light it is. It weighs just 23 lbs, more than an umbrella stroller, but not very much for a stroller with so many great features.


The Quad features 4 wheels, hence the name, but it still offers the same three wheel settings as the Tri Mode- fixed, for light jogging, 45 degree mobility for use with the toddler seat and full swivel for normal use. The full swivel wheels do make it very agile and it easily maneuvers through any space. The rear wheels are 10 inch pneumatic tires which, coupled with Valco’s great suspension, offer a very smooth ride. You get the all-terrain agility with four wheels that make it easy to pop over a curb or glide through a store. Included with the stroller are a comfy removable seat pad, an infant head hugger, rain cover, tire pump and a pivoting adjustable handle. The canopy has two peekaboo mesh inserts and is very generous. It can even be unzipped for a fuller extension all the way down to the seat. Instead of three or five recline settings, the One Touch recline system allows for an easily adjusted recline with any position between fully upright and fully reclined possible. Other great features are the adjustable footrest, reflective accents, sturdy aluminum frame, plenty of storage and the very easy to use rear brake. The harness is a five point harness with a puzzle lock, so it’s easy for you to undo, but not for your child.

Available optional accessories include the full bassinet, the new “Husssh” bassinet insert, a ride on board, drink holders, car seat adapter(compatible with Maxi Cosi, Chicco and Peg Perego infant seats),, travel bag, footmuff, zip -in sunshade, snack tray and my favorite option, the toddler seat. One of the greatest things about Valco strollers is that they allow you to add a seat to several models. I have had the Twin Trimode with a toddler seat for several years and love that I can use it for two or three of my children. I also love that the Quad can be used as a single or has the option of an extra seat for an extra rider.

In Use

First of all this is a really nice stroller. It offers a comfortable seat, amazing recline and canopy options and is very easy to fold and carry. The Quad is a great in and out of the car stroller and unlike many smaller strollers, it can really handle any terrain well. I would feel comfortable taking it over anything or leaving it in the car for an errand stroller. We can even fit it in the back of our minivan with a double stroller because it takes up such little space. It’s a very functional all around stroller that is still very comfortable. I also love that it comes with everything you need straight out of the box, such as the rain cover and tire pump, which are often extra with many strollers.

I tried the seat out with three of my children- ranging from six months to three years in age and all three fit well in the seat. The straps easily adjust for all three and they have plenty of room in the seat, as well as headroom under the canopy. There are side zippers on the back of the seat that make it really easy to access the straps to move them from one position to another. The mesh inserts in the canopy offer ventilation and let you watch your baby. Because there are two, it’s possible to roll up either flap and still have the opening no matter what position you have the canopy in. The storage basket is great and can hold plenty, plus it has two side pockets for small items.

During our test, we tried out the Quad with the additional toddler seat and it was still super easy to push even with my 22 pound 21 month old in the front and my six month old daughter in the main seat. It didn't feel tippy or sluggish and was just as easy to push as it was with the seat off. There is a new version of the toddler seat coming out this summer that will offer a higher seat back and more leg room for the rider in the main seat and will still have the option of a canopy. Both updates are welcome changes and should make this an even better option.

The Quad is a very versatile stroller that will meet your needs in so many ways. It offers the features of a much larger stroller in a very compact package. This makes it a viable alternative to an umbrella stroller in many situations that can also carry a second rider with the optional toddler seat. I tested the black Raven colorway and it is also available in red Cherry and retails for $500. - Kiersten, Staff Writer


  • Incredible canopy
  • Four wheel stability with all terrain features
  • Terrific push & smooth ride
  • Included accessories, such as the rain cover


  • none, maybe more color options would be nice.


  • Weight 23 lbs
  • 28.5"L x 25.8"W x 15"H Folded Dimensions
  • 30.7"L x 22.25"W x 40.4"H Open Dimensions
  • 27"L x 16.5"W x 12.6"H Folded Dimensions (w/o wheels)
  • 11.8"L x 9"W x 19.3"H Seat

*Thank you to Valco for sending us this stroller for review*

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