Thursday, January 06, 2011
Halle Berry Shops With Her Sweetie!
Actress Halle Berry was photographed with a tutu wearing Nahla in Los Angeles yesterday. And while the pre-schooler made faces for the cameras, both were in good spirits as they headed out to do some shopping.
With a film set for release in February, and a trip to Broadway in the works, the actress has been busy, but has said she would give it all up for her little girl.  

In a recent interview with UK's Daily Mirror, Halle said that her daughter always comes first,
"I have a greater purpose for being here. I love making movies but I would give it all up to be with my daughter if I had to because she's the love of my life."
Having a daughter has also changed her outlook on relationships as well.
"Every choice I make now, and that includes who I choose to spend personal time with as a partner, is not just about me anymore, it's about what's best for her."
Sounds like the actress has her priorities in order!  

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