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Sunday, October 09, 2011
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Brunch With Their Girls!
Just a day after debuting their newest addition to the world, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were spotted out for brunch at Dominick’s restaurant in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California

During her interview with People Magazine Jessica revealed that Haven’s birth was the inspiration for her name. The infant was born in the caul, or in the amniotic sac. Father Cash stated after the birth, “She was born in her safe haven.”

For her first outing, the newborn stayed safe in her infant seat.

While dressed in a cute pink sundress and a pair of boots, big sister Honor showed off her hand tattoo and fancy ring.

Jessica pushes a Britax B-Ready stroller with a Chaperone infant seat.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011
Family Starts Infant Organ Transplant Fund After the Loss of Infant Son
Dari Nowkhah, former News On 6 reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma and his wife Jenn have turned one of the most tragic events a parent can be faced with into something beautiful. So beautiful that it actually brought me to tears.

Dari and Jenn became parents to little Hayden Michael on August 12, 2011. He was born a perfectly healthy baby boy but six days after his arrival, Hayden was struck with a virus. This virus attacked his heart.

Hayden was put on life support and on a waiting list for a heart donor. While waiting for a heart, Hayden suffered a stroke that damaged his brain. The doctors had to take him off of the donor list and Dari and Jenn were left with the awful decision of whether or not to take him off of life support.
“It was hell to make the decision and I’ll never forget Tuesday sitting in a hospital bed, in a hospital room with him in our arms. Jenn and I holding him as he took his last breath and his heart, that struggled to beat anyways, beat for the last time and I’ll never forget that moment,” Dari said in his interview with Channel 6 News.
The story could have ended there, but it didn’t. Dari and Jenn wanted to let Hayden’s life and unfortunate death shine some light on the need for infant transplants. They started Hayden’s Hope, named after their son, to raise awareness for infant transplants and to help raise money and offer support to families with infants and children that need an organ donation.
Hayden’s Hope, we hope, helps others and that’s another way to carry Hayden’s legacy. We’ll never forget Hayden and our hope is that everybody who ever met him or didn’t but know his story get to realize what a great baby he was. Those 39 days, we wanted more but we feel lucky that we had that many,” Dari stated.
Currently, donors for infants are very difficult to come by because parents that lose an infant cannot donate the infant’s organs. Organs for infant come from children and adults. Because the donor list for adults is so large, the chances of an infant receiving a donor are very slim. There has been some talk recently, however, about allowing parents who lose their infant to donate the organs, if they so choose.

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Friday, October 07, 2011
RECALL: 58,000 IKEA Children’s Folding Tent Due to Laceration and Puncture Hazards

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with IKEA North America Service, today announced a voluntary recall of about 58,000 (51,000 in the United States and 7,000 in Canada) BUSA children’s folding tents.  The steel wire frame of the tent can break, producing sharp wire ends that can protrude through the tent fabric, posing a laceration or puncture hazard.

Three incidents were reported, including one injury.  This recall involves a cube-shaped children’s folding tent with model number 90192009. The brand name BUSA and IKEA and the model number are printed on a sewn-in label attached to an interior seam in the tent. The tent frame is made of flat steel wire and the tent material is pale green polyester fabric with turquoise, pink and white trim.

Remedy: Consumers should immediately take it away from children and return it to their nearest IKEA store for a full refund.

For additional information, contact IKEA toll-free at (888) 966-4532 anytime, or visit the firm’s website at http://www.ikea-usa.com

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011
Down Syndrome Families Speak Out About Their Experience

Currently, there is only way to check for Down Syndrome during pregnancy – an amniocentesis; a test that pulls amniotic fluid from the womb, which does pose a risk for miscarriage. This risk is thought to play a part in the fact that only 2 percent of women actually choose Down Syndrome testing.

But right now, there are more testing methods waiting in the wings. Doctors may soon be able to test for Down Syndrome through a simple blood test. This virtually risk-free testing method is expected to increase the number of women that receive prenatal Down Syndrome testing.

No one really knows how many women choose to terminate a Down Syndrome pregnancy, but the numbers are estimated to be somewhere between 80 and 90 percent. With new testing available, some experts question whether or not the Down Syndrome community will disappear.
“Once everyone has the opportunity to learn prenatally with a simple blood test, what decisions will Americans make about pregnancies and will babies with Down Syndrome slowly start to disappear? People with Down Syndrome should be able to describe for Americans what it means to have the condition,” said Dr. Brian Skotko, a physician with the Down Syndrome Program at Children’s Hospital Boston.
Dr. Skotko recently conducted a series of surveys on families that are impacted by Down Syndrome. He found, through those surveys, that 96 percent of parents that have a child with Down Syndrome don’t feel any sense of regrets. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 of those surveyed stated that their child had enhanced their lives – teaching them patience, flexibility and acceptance.

Louise Borke was just one of the families surveyed. She learned that her son, Louis, had Down Syndrome when he was just a few days old. She felt, “shock and surprise, trepidation and anxiety.” Yet, despite her fears, life with her son, “It’s been fun. It’s had its challenges – I won’t deny that – but it’s been fun. It’s been rewarding and I have no regrets,” Borke stated.

Even 88 percent of siblings stated that life with a Down Syndrome sibling made them “a better person” and 94 percent felt a sense of “pride” about their siblings.

Data was also analyzed on the feelings of those that actually have the condition. Nearly all Down Syndrome individuals said that they are happy with their lives and they like who they are.

Skotko hopes that the results, which are set to be published in the October issue of American Journal of Medical Genetics, will help families see the other side of Down Syndrome and enable them to make an educated choice about their unborn babies as the non-invasive tests become more available.

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Backpacker Mistakes Birth for Gastro Bug
A 37-year-old backpacker, Lena, had a pretty dramatic turn of events during her adventures after giving birth to a five pound baby girl in the bathroom of her Australian hostel. She was completely unaware that she was in labor, let alone pregnant.

Doctors had told Lena a few years ago that her chances of ever getting pregnant were slim because she was going through early menopause. According to Lena, this was why she never gave the signs of pregnancy a second thought. “I just assumed I couldn’t have a baby. I thought I’d been through menopause so that was the end of that,” said Lena.

Lena assumed her growing belly was the result of overconsumption of pastas that she had been eating over the last several weeks and, according to Lena, she thought her labor pains were a horrible gastro bug.
“I honestly had no idea I was pregnant, none at all. I thought I had a gastro bug. I just remember sitting on the toilet thinking I was going to die from gastro. It was terrible. Then, all of a sudden, I pushed and she came out,” Lena told reporters.
Her roommates, Mathieu Caron and Antoine Flinois had no idea that Lena was pregnant either and they were in shocked when they heard a baby crying in the bathroom.
“I was working on my laptop and Lena came into the room but the light was off so I couldn’t see at that stage that she was holding a baby,” roommate Caron said. “But then she said to me, ‘Help, help!’ so I turned my laptop to light up the room and then I saw the baby.”
Upon seeing Lena’s situation, Caron woke up their other roommate Flinois and helped Lena sit down. Caron then called for help.

Little Bethany and her mother are now resting in the maternity ward of Manly Hospital in Sydney. In regards to what the future holds for the new mother-daughter pair, Lena says, “I have had absolutely no preparation, none at all…but it’s okay. We’ll make it work!”

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London Celebrates Rapunzel’s Coronation!
Today in London, Disney had a Royal Celebration for Rapunzel to welcome her to the Disney Princess court.

The main character in last year’s blockbuster Tangled, Rapunzel has secured her spot in Disney’s history has their toughest, most independent princess.  No fair maiden here.  Rapunzel showed young girls that you can be smart, savvy and stand on your own as well.

Nicole Richie, husband Joel Madden and children Harlow and Sparrow all had the chance to walk to the red carpet for Rapunzel as they attended along with 10,000 fans who lined up along the Princess parade route to watch nine horse drawn carriages bring the Disney princesses to Kensington Palace for the ceremony.


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{photo credit: onEdition, David Parry/PA}