Monday, August 21, 2006
Shopping Cart Covers

Nothing is more challenging than going to the grocery store with kids! On top of that you have to put them in those grungy shopping carts. I don't care where you shop - they do not clean those carts! Because I am such a germ crazy lady, our friends bought our son a shopping cart cover. Brilliant! Who would ever think? You can just leave it in the car and bring it in with you when you go shopping.

It accomplishes 3 things:

1. It covers up the dirty cart.
2. They are padded so its more comfortable
3. They distract your kids from wanting everything they see in the store

There are a few companies that make these covers. Here are a few.

Homemade 4 Baby Cart Cover - 11 patterns to choose from, fits both grocery store and "warehouse" carts, folds into a tote bag, safety strap, front and side pockets with toy loops. $49.99 - 89.99 U.S. depending on the pattern you choose.

BABY a la cart -2 patterns to chose from with the option to provide your own material and have a custom one made. 1. A Velcro® closure pocket 2. Attached Safety belt for added protection. 3.Two Loops across the front to hold your baby's pacifier and toys.4. Thick, Fluffy Padding provides extra comfort for your baby. $47.00 - 59.95U.S. depending which size you chose, 40.00 - 45.00 custom (you supply the fabric)

Infantino Shop&Play® - Funny Farmer - Shop and Play comes in 3 different patterns. Pockets on the back, 5 removable toys thasqueakek and crinkle, and a headrest. Velcro's together, doubles as a playmat. $20.00 @Amazon.com


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