Saturday, July 28, 2007
HiLo Kids Chair

This last year has been a great year for highchairs. The design has been solid and innovative, with the HiLo continuing on the trend.

HiLo is a Montreal-based Age Design company started by husband and wife industrial design team, Patrice Guillemin and Geneviéve Grenier.

They have created a children's chair that combines contemporary design with simplicity and functionality.

This colourful, duo-height kids chair satisfies your modern aesthetic, while keeping toddlers well-seated from six months to six years.

On first impression, the HiLo kids chair looks simple - a one piece molded plastic seat held together by cherry wood legs punctuated by a two-button aluminum adjustment mechanism - and yet its subtle design features and multi-function go further than most highchairs. With the easy pull-out side buttons, the seatbelt and crotch bar, the chair moves seamlessly from highchair to an under-table kids chair.

Available in four refreshing colours - Asparagus, Carrot, Portobello and Raspberry. Designed and manufactured in Canada. I found it at modernkid.com for $425

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